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WRS Hose & Fittings
Product Catalogs with Specifications hose and fittings

WRS Hose & Fittings makes hoses while you wait, we can quote you a list of hoses you may need, or we can come to your job site and measure and fit hoses to your custom hose needs. Do you need a hose kit plumed? Do you need to know the best hose for your application? Do you have a question about hose working pressures or hose chemical resistance capabilities or the bend radius or bust pressure of a certain type of hose? If so, then call or email today and let us help with the questions you may have.

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Hydraulic Hose Catalog PDF
2012 Hydraulic Hose Catalog
(PDF Download)

Braided Hydraulic Hose: One-Wire Braid - Exceeds SAE 100R1AT, Two-Wire Braid - Exceeds SAE 100R2AT, Wire Braid - Exceeds SAE 100R17, Two-Wire Braid - Exceeds SAE 100R16, Two-Wire Braid SUPER PRESSURE - Exceeds DIN 20022 2SN, Static Pressure “Super Jack” Hose,

Spiral Hydraulic Hose: Four Spiral - Exceeds SAE 100R12, Multi-Spiral - Exceeds SAE 100R13, Multi-Spiral - Exceeds SAE 100R15, Four Spiral - Exceeds EN 856 4SP, Multi Spiral - Exceeds EN 856 4SH


Fitting Thread-Count Chart PDF Quick Reference - Fitting Thread-Count Chart
(PDF Download)

Quick Reference Fitting Thread-Count Chart including Size, Pipe Size, O-Ring Face Seal, 37° Flare (JIC), Flareless, Straight Thread O-Ring SAE, 45° Flare, Inverted Flare and Compression.


Quick Reference - Adapters & Fittings PDF
Quick Reference - Hose Fittings & Adapters
(PDF Download)

Steel 37° JIC Adapters, Steel SAE O-Ring Adapters, Steel Pipe Adapters, Steel Pipe Swivel Adapters, Steel O-Ring Face Seal Adapters, Steel Beaded Hose Fittings, Steel Flange Components, No Braze Flange Adapters, O-Ring Face Seal Flange Adapters, BSPP Adapters, BSPT Adapters, Metric Adapters, Metric Compression, 30° Seat Adapters, Quick Disconnects, ERMETO, 3000 PSI Live Swivels, Brass Hose Barb Fittings, Brass Push-on Hose Barb Fittings, Brass SAE 45° Adapters, Brass Compression Adapters, Brass Pipe Adapters, Brass Poly Push Fittings, Brass Poly Flow Fittings, Brass Push-in D.O.T. Air Brake Fittings, Brass D.O.T. Air Brake Fittings, Brass Needle Valves and Drain Cocks, Brass Inverted Flare Adapters, Brass Garden Hose Fittings


Hose Fittings & Adapters Catalog PDF
2012 Hose Fittings & Adapters Catalog
(PDF Download)

JIC, JIC Bulkhead, NPT, NPSM, SAE O-Ring, ORS, ORS Bulkhead, Flareless Tube (Bite-Type), SAE Split Flange, SAE Flange, Braze-On for Tubing, Foreign Connection Information, BSPP 60° & Rigid Female, BSPP (Port Thread), BSPT, DIN Metric 60° & Rigid Female, DIN Metric (Port Thread), DIN Metric 12° Extra Light, Light and Heavy (Bite-Type Tube), JIS 30° Flare (BSPP Threads), KOMATSU®, KOBELCO® (French Millimetrique), O-Rings & Seals, Micro Test, Gauges, Hoses and Kits, Hydraulic Quick Disconnects, Ball Valves and Check Valves, Tubing and Tube Clamps, Adapter Assortments, Hose Protection


Hose Ends Catalog PDF
2012 Hose Ends Catalog
(PDF Download)

One Piece Fittings 1P007, K Series, J Series, H Series, X Series, XL Series, T Series, R Series, NPTF-NPSM: MN10K, MG10K, MG90K, FN10K, FN11K, JIC: MJ10K, FJ11K, FJ41K, FJ91K, FJ91K-L, KJ91K, ORFS: OM10K, OR13K, OR43K, OR93K, OR93K-L, SAE: MU10K, FU11K, FU91K, ME10K, MV10K, MV40K, MV90K, MZ10K, MZ40K, MZ90K, MFA10K, GREASE: FGR10K, JIS: FT11K, FK11K, FK41K, FK91K, AK10K, AK40K, AK90K, BSP-BSPT: MT10K, MB10K, FB11K, FB41K, FB91K, KM91K, FP11K, BB10K, VB10B, METRIC: KW13K, FQ13K, FQ93K, FM13K, FM93K, SM10K, SM40K, SM90K, BM10K, VM10B, ML10K, FL13K, FL43K, FL93K, MS10K, FS13K, FS43K, FS93K, SAE 3000 CODE 61: AX10K, AX40K, AX90K, STAPLE LOCK: ST11K, WO10K


Chemical Hose Compatibility Chart PDF
Chemical Hose Compatibility Chart
(PDF Download)

Proper Selection of Hose Fittings: Selection of the proper fittings for the hose fitting application is essential to the proper operation and safe use of the hose and related equipment. Inadequate attention to the selection of the fittings for your application can result in serious bodily injury or property damage resulting from spraying fluids or flying projectiles. All data given herein is believed to be accurate and reliable, but presented without guarantee, warranty, or responsibility of any kind, express or implied, on our part. Chemical resistance will vary with the wide diversity of possible mixtures and service conditions. It is therefore not possible to give any guarantee whatsoever in individual cases.


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